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25 April 2010

Tired run to Kings House

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Not much to say about today, really, but I’ve got another nice 900x900px map to go with yesterday’s and thought I might as well post it. So my expectations of this week were fairly low after losing Monday and Tuesday to a troublesome cough/cold (still maybe not entirely gone if tonight’s slightly raw throat is anything to go by) but, with yesterday’s hill run bringing up 46 miles since Wednesday, 14 or more today would give me 60 for the week and a trip to Kings House and back looked tempting at 18. Thought it might be a run too far because I was tired and it took me a while to get going, but how I wanted those miles and seemed strong enough in the end despite starting to get a bit light-headed/hypoglycemic round about the bridge over the Allt a’ Choire Odhair-mhoir on the way back. Which meant taking some extra care on the remaining rocky path to the Penstock and would be my fault for setting off on a banana instead of lunch again, carrying just two 92 calorie cereal bars (both scoffed at Kings House) to keep me going. Which those who’ve read my Bonking on Rannoch Moor post might well question, leaving me with no real answer/defence except to point to interested experimentation in running tired/empty and an assurance that I won’t be tackling the ultras on just cereal bars and water! For all that, I enjoyed the run (in hotter/thirstier conditions than expected) and am well pleased to have salvaged 64 miles of good off-road stuff from a week when I might reasonably have been satisfied with 40.

Broadband connection is running like a dog tonight (also the reason for yesterday’s post only appearing this morning), but that’s another matter (and has been reported to my provider)! :-/

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