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21 November 2017

Constructive progress

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Three weeks of construction and renewal with no real associated destruction to show here!

The water tank is now pretty well done just pending coating the outside, enlarging the top hole for an inspection hatch and fitting of further necessary fittings:

The original void in the cockpit bulkhead is now less void than before:

Most of the main cabin hull surfaces I spent that hundred hours stripping have now been much more rapidly epoxy-coated. These might yet also get painted with an appropriately durable paint where they’ll remain visible (e.g. under-bunk lockers), but will again be covered by soft linings elsewhere (e.g. above bunks):

And the ugly truth of the rotting bow well has been revealed; holes where the drains meet the floor have probably been letting water in since the boat was built, but have now been fixed. There’s still further cosmetic work to do on the outside and rebuilding from the inside, but the paths for water ingress should be gone. Might add there must be other Impalas or similarly-constructed boats with this problem (something only discovered on Fly because I was stripping out all the linings), but someone else will find their rotten bow well when they put their foot through it sailing!

Well floor cleaned ready for repair:

And with two layers of glass cloth epoxied over offending holes and all (sporadically crazed) corners:

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