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2 September 2012

Middling Ben time

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Not much to say about yesterday’s Ben Nevis Race except that my time on a cold, wet and windy day was 3 mins 19 secs slower than my best and 3 mins 36 quicker than my worst. Think (running without a watch) I was probably on course for a PB at the top but just couldn’t find the pace to see it home over the easier ground and hated road below, so now wondering whether it’s time to call it a day when (with all my times within such a narrow band) I’m realistically never going to break two hours:

2012 2:11:41
2011 2:15:17
2010 -------
2009 -------
2008 2:08:35
2007 2:12:26
2006 2:08:22
2005 2:10:43
2004 2:13:55

With thanks to Noel Williams for the photos, invite to the LMRT barbecue and bed for the night! :-)

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