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10 June 2018

Sub-cockpit grovelling

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From the ‘cell of little ease’ to somewhere even worse… most of this afternoon was spent cleaning/stripping the port bunk-foot locker for repainting. I’d hoped to get the starboard one done too and prime them, but should have known better with plenty previous experience of grovelling beneath the cockpit! And, while getting them prepared down there’s very awkward and I’m not looking forward to doing the other one, I don’t think they’ll be anything like as tricky to paint as the heads compartment because you don’t have to get right into them the same way.

The ‘ears’ at the bulkhead corners (where the light is clipped on here) are to fix the pilot berths at their aft ends. I’ve still to clean up the holes through the ply (my fuel gauge!) for repainting, but the wooden shelf which supports the diesel tank is epoxy-coated, so doesn’t need refinishing:

The remaining galley paint/varnish stripping got done last weekend and the aft galley bulkhead revarnished during the week, but the bunk fronts just got stripped yesterday. I’m quite relieved how these have come up because they’d been very, very wet during Fly’s darkest days and the port one in particular looked quite discoloured through completely dead, peeling varnish:

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