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8 January 2018

Spray-on ice!

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Spray-on ice, Kinlochleven-style… discovered too late to photograph yesterday, so back with the camera this morning and again with tripod just before dark. The tripod was only used for the afternoon videos (because the handheld video was bugging me when checked at lunchtime), but the later stills were also shot with smaller aperture because some of the first set I’ve not used here seemed a little blurry in the wrong places. I was working against time on both occasions, so just had to take what I could get, and what you see is all pretty well straight from camera (I have the RAW files for the stills, but nothing currently installed to process them).

8 July 2016

East Lochaber and Laggan Community Trust

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Something potentially huge for this area, so please try to get to one of the meetings, folks!

From Andrew Baxter on Facebook:

Some really important meetings coming up next week to discuss how local residents can get involved in a bid for the community to own the Rio Tinto estates, so that the land is owned by the people who live here, not by a multinational company with remote shareholders.

The new East Lochaber and Laggan Community Trust has been set up in response to Rio Tinto Aluminium’s announcement that they would review the Lochaber smelter. The Trust is very keen to see the smelter continuing, if at all possible, and sees an opportunity to work with parties that might run the power stations in Kinlochleven and Fort William, and others that could operate the smelter and/or develop other employment options in the area.

The role of the community trust would be to own the estate, stretching from Kinlochleven across to Laggan. The Trust will be community led, appointing unpaid voluntary directors. We need to demonstrate widespread community support, so please come along to one of our meetings to find out more:

Monday 11th July 7 p.m. Inverlochy Village Hall
Tuesday 12th July 7 p.m. The Leven Centre, Kinlochleven
Wednesday 13th July 7 p.m Caol Community Centre
Wednesday 13th July 8 p.m Kilmallie Hall
Thursday 14th July 7 p.m. Spean Bridge Community Hall

Please share.

24 September 2015

AJG Parcels wheelie bin drop!

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Last Thursday AJG Parcels ‘delivered’ a large, well-packed, wooden elephant in a box marked ‘fragile’. Dumped end-on into my rubbish bin with a card through the door to say so, despite this clearly contravening the terms stated on the card as well as (not for the first time!) ignoring the note I’ve had fixed by my doorbell for years. And, perhaps not surprisingly when I had to extract the green (rubbish) bin from behind the blue (recycling) and lay it on its side to coax the box out, with a broken tusk and more serious injury to its tail clearly caused by their careless — nay, cavalier — handling!

To cut a long story short when I’ve only once before been riled enough by something like this to give it blog space, I used to rate AJG as a good local firm but don’t now. Their treatment of my parcel was shocking, but it’s their subsequent complete failure to sort things out with the sender rather than that ill-fated initial parcel drop (yes, drop!) that’s driven me to post here when I’d just have left it had they responded more reasonably. So, no, I’ll never willingly use them again, but appreciate others may still send stuff with them. In which case I may yet find myself struggling not to ask the driver (assuming we actually meet) ‘are you the one who broke my elephant?’

Since I believe passionately in fairness and giving people every chance, it takes a lot to earn a blog post like this, but… AJG Parcels, you deserve it!

2015-09-17my-note 2015-09-17bins

2015-09-17broken-elephant 2015-09-17packing

2015-09-17ajg-card 2015-09-17tusks

2015-09-17tail-1 2015-09-17tail-2

15 January 2010

Shades of Grey?

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A wee photographic conundrum for this evening, before this sign for the Grey Mare’s Waterfall at Kinlochleven finally becomes too worn to read. So why (as first pointed out to me years ago) does it say ‘Grey’ on one side and ‘Gray’ on the other? For our transatlantic visitors (doubt it!), because the sign maker just got it wrong (probably!) or what?

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