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25 November 2018

No-photo report (with photos)

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I keep hoping to get some photos to show Fly progress, but prefer the non-flash photos and don’t get much light to work with in November, especially by the time I finish work (day job) during the week or boat work at weekends. So here’s what you might get to see soon if I get the chance…

The overhauled seacocks are back together onboard, and new heads, water pump, water filler, galley tap, chart table support block and replacement galley shelf edges all fitted. The folding chart table (which you won’t see varnished and refitted for a while because I’m currently concentrating on immovable bits) has gained a nice teak handle I found in my loft, and I’m also replacing the ugly alloy handles on the heads door with teak rings. The nav. station bulkhead has cutouts for switch panels and stereo, and varnishing the permanently-attached interior woodwork is nearly done, with just a couple more coats to go next weekend before we can get rewiring and relining the boat. But she’s also starting to eat money, with loads we need to get on now ordered or getting ordered. I’m trying to avoid adding up the total project cost even though I could check my records to arrive at a pretty accurate figure, but think it could well end up more than the boat’s ‘worth’. But then she’s going to be better after all this onshore neglect followed by refit than when I bought her, and priceless to me as my much-loved boat I know well enough to trust like no other, so the key words in that last sentence are ‘well end’. Or more appositely ‘end well’! :-)

So this was supposed to be the ‘no-photo report’, and still is for November, but then I remembered I’ve got some already from late October taken just after my last blog. So here you go (but I’m keeping the one of my cardboard mock heads to show alongside the fitted genuine Jabsco!)…

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