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29 February 2012

February blog post

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Not much to say here, but (having posted nothing so far this month) might as well get in a rare 29 February post to keep the unbroken monthly ‘archive’ menu going…

So what can I write about tonight with nothing having compelled me to get typing over the past 28 days? More reflections on the Kenya trip (where I’m now thinking that late decision to ditch the bivy gear was a huge mistake and probably cost us both summits)? My constant use of parentheses (see previous sentence), which some might previously have hinted they don’t care for but others more recently admired for the clarity they bring to my (let’s open another can of worms while we’re at it!) constantly overlength, trailing sentences? Or perhaps just some fancy new words (like ‘oligodactyly’ and ‘syndactyly’) I’ve recently discovered to describe myself? But take too long about it and it won’t be a 29 February post anyway, so stuff the mumbo-jumbo and it’s just getting posted right now as a multiple missed opportunity! :-)

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