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27 May 2018

The Cell of ‘Little Ease’

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Long ago, at primary school, we learned of Guy Fawkes being imprisoned in the cell of ‘Little Ease’ (which I recall first hearing as the cell of little ‘e’s!)… a space too small to stand, lie down or even sit comfortably. I’ve thought of it many times while trying to paint Fly’s heads compartment, where relatively quick-drying primer and undercoat have been awkward enough, but sticky gloss unsurprisingly proved more testing yet. Not necessarily ‘torture’ in normal use, but the stuff of nightmares when needing to brace yourself against surfaces you might or might not be able to touch, access a paint tin you might or might not be able to put down, and get past your own body to paint what you might or might not be able to reach or see properly:

So nothing’s perfect when neither physically awkward working conditions nor the impossibility of keeping air, surfaces or brushes 100% particle-free allow it to be, but it looks OK in the photos and at least it’s white in real life unlike that almost pink sunlit glow you see above! Forecabin painting/varnishing’s done too, if no better and not that much more easily than the cell of little ease (the unaccountably missed splash of white paint on the varnished bulkhead will be sorted!):

And the port partial bulkhead and shelf edges are varnished, but not yet the main bulkhead facing (still pending more galley/battery locker work before it can be done in a single sweep):

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