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13 March 2011

Ridiculous Dam(n) ‘run’

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Might not have snow at sea level here, but 500ft or so up that all changes and along the main track to the Dam (at c.1,000ft) there’s way more than I expected. So perhaps the Dam (where I didn’t go yesterday because of the wind) wasn’t the most obvious target for today either but, sick of the roads and low-level village circuits that have formed much of this week’s weather-influenced fair, I stuck to it like a pig-headed bull, ploughing a furrow through the deepest snow of the year (fantastically sculpted into drifts of up to chest height), running as much as I could and taking about three hours for a return trip I habitually complete in well under two. But, strangely enough, also finding myself strong enough to be actually enjoying it!

Also met David Graham from Ardfern (who said he’d been expecting to meet me at any minute!) walking the dog up the Penstock track, so popped into The Ice Factor on my way home to say hi to Carol and young Tom, who he’d left climbing there.

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