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22 July 2010

Ramsay’s Round ‘schedule’

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Less than two days to go till Saturday’s Ramsay’s Round attempt and it’s getting difficult to sit and wait, but this week has to work as a ‘mini taper’ if my five-week plan of post-WHW Race recovery, some decent exercise (peaking at a slightly unplanned 68 miles/25,300 ft of proper hill running and some cycling last week!) and some necessary rest is going to come off. Which means nothing more strenuous since Saturday than some walking, an easy 5.4 mile/1,600 ft trail run yesterday and relaxed 20 mile road cycle today despite me pretty well climbing up the walls with that ‘can’t wait’ (don’t wish your life away!) feeling…

So what about this schedule Murdo asked me for the other day? Well, as I said in Saturday’s post, we’re talking broad brush strokes rather than fine detail but, after meeting Jon and Noel the other night to thrash it out, here’s the score:

  • I have four accomplices (three pacers in Jon Gay, Gavin McKinlay and Ritchie Cunningham + my ‘base camp manager’ Noel Williams), we’re going for a midday start (like Charlie Ramsay’s original round) and Jon will be pacing me through the Mamores to at least Loch Treig.
  • We’ve got team maps marked up with the route, Charlie’s times (which appear to be rounded to the nearest five minutes but already need treating with caution because at least one known mistake left him chasing an unbelievably fast finish) and 4km intervals (enabling comparison of what he did to a notional 4kph schedule). Maps will be laser-printed from Memory-Map (NB you can just get the whole round at 1:50,000 onto a back-to-back sheet of A4) and laminated to be folded once to carry at A5 size or possibly twice for A6.
  • We’ll be meeting Gavin (who’ll have brought us some goodies on the 5:50pm train from Spean Bridge to Corrour) at railway bridge NN 342 681 (or somewhere between there and Creaguaineach Lodge) sometime between ? and 10:00pm to tackle the Loch Treig peaks overnight.
  • We’ll be joined by Ritchie (who’ll have come in from Fersit with Noel) sometime between ? and 2:00am Sunday at the Loch Treig Dam, where we’ll be able to get more ‘proper’ food, clothing, shoes or anything else we need before continuing over the ‘Easains’ by night.
  • While Jon will be there primarily to pace me to Corrour, my original suggestion was that we try the whole thing together and he’s likely to continue for as long as he’s going well (possibly/hopefully the whole way).
  • While Gavin’s ‘shift’ officially finishes at the Lairig Leacach (leaving Ritchie as designated pacer from the Grey Corries on), he’s likewise welcome to continue further. But anyone holding up proceedings (hopefully not me!) will simply be left to find their own way off and contact Noel.
  • Whoever’s still on their feet should be arriving back at Glen Nevis Youth Hostel sometime between ? and midday Sunday, which I’m also predicting means arriving at Carn Mor Dearg with a little more in hand (say two hours) than Charlie’s 70 minutes! To which I might just add that I’d still be looking for a finish (thinking experience for ‘next time’!) if things don’t quite work out within the specified 24 hours.
  • Regarding the dreaded weather, things could be worse with MWIS now suggesting low cloud and spells of drizzly rain with some gusty south-westerly wind (not in itself too bad for an eastbound traverse of the Mamores). So I’d say perhaps the biggest thing there (assuming the wind’s no worse than forecast when MWIS tends to be ‘pessimistic’) might be the loss of anticipated help overnight from the nearly full moon. But beggars can’t be choosers, the whole thing’s been built round support team availability and (given what the WHW Race heat did to me) I’m not even sure I’d swap for the clear, blue skies and sunshine hopefully being enjoyed by Bruce Poll and Alan Smith (who are up there attempting the round right now and expected to finish early tomorrow afternoon).


  1. Here’s wishing you all the best, Pete. You’ve put a huge amount of training and preparation into it. In the dark / mist be sure to double check your navigation. Much better to spend a bit longer making sure you are going the right way than “getting lost” and wasting valuable time /energy having to recover lost ground / height / time.

    Talking of time, you haven’t suggested a guess-my-time competition. I’ll say you’ll do it…….. in 23:12…….

    Bon voyage!

    Murdo t M

    Comment by Murdo — 22 July 2010 @ 9:20 pm

  2. Very best of luck.

    Remember, you’re a warrior!!

    Comment by Debs — 22 July 2010 @ 9:38 pm

  3. Hi Pete, wishing you the best of the weather. Good luck to you and your team. I’m looking forward to reading the tale (of success, naturally!) Iain

    Comment by xiain — 23 July 2010 @ 12:19 pm

  4. Good luck Pete! Be thinking of you tomorrow whilst I’ve on the way to Fort William.

    Comment by Tim — 23 July 2010 @ 12:22 pm

  5. Good luck Pete, hope the weathers ok.
    Just make sure you get to Carn Mor Dearg faster than Charlie!

    Comment by Bill — 23 July 2010 @ 1:41 pm

  6. All the best Peter.

    I’ll be thinking of you from sunny Thailand as you do your Ramsay round. Hope it all goes well and I look forward to reading all about it.


    Comment by John Kynaston — 23 July 2010 @ 3:04 pm

  7. all the best Pete, you have done the training now get the time.


    Comment by stan bland — 23 July 2010 @ 7:24 pm

  8. Hey folks, just heard that Bruce and Alan completed in 22:47! :-)

    @Murdo, thanks for that. No ‘guess my time’ comp. because I’m not JK, but I’d take your guess right now…

    @Debs, ‘Remember you’re a Womble’ (check it out on Google/YouTube and that particular phrase will never sound the same again!).

    @Bill, thanks for all the useful stuff you’ve sent me.

    @Others, just thanks!

    Tonight’s MWIS suggesting weather no worse than we’ve been expecting, so looks like it’s all go…


    Comment by admin — 23 July 2010 @ 10:22 pm

  9. Mate – have a great run, you are a bloody legend, you have a great team and you are set for a belter.. Cheers Keith

    Comment by Keith — 24 July 2010 @ 11:06 am

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