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24 April 2018

Working after work

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Nine days since my previous post, and seven of those at work (the day job), but does that restrict my boat work to weekends? Absolutely not now we’ve got lighter, more pleasant, pre-midge evenings, so just have to be disciplined about seeing through good intentions to do this or that when I get home…

What you see here is basically yet more stripping (photos of the battery locker, though I also still had woodwork to prepare in the forecabin and heads) followed by some priming (Saturday/last night) and the start of the varnishing (tonight). Twig was here on Sunday doing some more work on the galley, but I’ve no photos of that because it doesn’t look obviously different to last time.

It was only after I’d spent a good hour or two stripping paint from the inside of the battery locker that I realised the glue holding it to the boat had gone and there were just four screws stopping me taking it off to finish more easily:

The painted areas of forecabin and heads are primed where necessary but still need undercoat and gloss to finish:

And there’s a first coat of varnish on the companionway bulkhead facing. It doesn’t look great here because it’s satin finish and you’re seeing a mixture of still wet and shiny and starting to dry, but should be good when done:

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