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10 February 2019

Two weekends, one photo

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Not much to see here, but winter Fly work continues…

A fortnight ago, worn down by weeks of long phone calls trying to resolve luckless issues with new mobile and broadband contracts, I took the whole weekend off and nothing got done. But Twig was here last Friday (delivering plywood in the snow!), Saturday and Sunday as well as Wednesday, and I’ve been working on my own this Friday, Saturday and Sunday to keep making modest progress. Twig’s got more wiring and stuff fitted as well as the heater pump and water tank vent, and we also got the fuel tank and port steering compass back in while we were both here.

So my work this weekend started on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning with a practice run at my speaker enclosures, and testing my plans with scrap ply proved a wise move when mistakes were made (don’t cut out the line for the speaker outer flange!) and lessons learned (like build a wee jig to get things clamped more accurately for the final glue-up). Need to cut the holes fractionally bigger because the speakers won’t quite sit all the way down, but think I can now make a good job of the real ones, which will also be epoxied together rather than Gorilla-Glued (done for speed here):

Other small achievements this weekend include more filling and sanding in the heads and forecabin (now ready for Treadmaster pending a little more sanding on Monday or Tuesday evening), shimming the insert on my table saw to get it just where I want it, tidying the workshop yet again, measuring/templating/drawing the shape required for a custom protective strip across the bottom of the companionway, extracting the mains cables from the starboard compass cutout and getting the compass cleaned so we can refit that one too. It doesn’t sound a lot, but even ‘little’ things take time and add up. Oh, and it seems any bright, low-angle light (February sun this side of Kinlochleven!) can get through the topsides carpet lining, so it’s not just in snow (which is now away)!

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