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20 May 2019

Trolley jack attack!

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Some things have gone wrong! I’ve got perplexing new deck leaks (discovered on Saturday) from things already fixed, and nearly took my finger off with the trolley jack removing the trailer wheels to get the tires replaced when I thought to concentrate my single-day weekend effort on that instead…

It’s maybe not what you think when I was simply pulling an unloaded jack out from a chocked-up trailer and am no way stupid enough to go poking about the weighted jack, but I still somehow managed to trap and half-crush my finger where you see the plywood here and will never make that mistake again:

So I spied some people coming down the street, yelled for help, and was thankful to see Donna and Robert drop their bags and come running even if I subsequently worked out how to free myself (close the valve and pump the jack carefully back up far enough to escape). After which I had deep grooves in my finger for an hour or two and tingling for quite a bit longer, but count myself fortunate to be left with barely a mark now. And I did get the wheels off and trailer chocked securely, which unfinished job was oddly concerning me almost as much as ‘am I going to lose my finger?’ or ‘can I leave the boat like that to get the jack cut off?’ at the time:

The moral is of course to collapse the jack before removing it even under conditions of zero load, but hindsight’s a wonderful thing!

In other news, I’d already finished and fitted the pilot berth filler pieces trialled in my previous post, and am at least pleased with those:

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