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21 April 2010

Nine mile loop

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Most of my regular runs have names, or at least labels I use to identify them for logging purposes. But I don’t really know what to call tonight’s (to Loch Eilde Mor by Leitir Bo Fionn and back by the big hairpin, Mamore Lodge, mast and West Highland Way) except ‘nine mile loop’… because it’s measuring exactly nine miles door-to-door and none of those features actually distinguish it from several other circuits I’ve already got named for them. However (whatever it’s called), it was just good to get out when I never got out Monday (combination of feeling lousy and heavy rain) or Tuesday (feeling worse) and, while one rest day might be desirable and two tolerable for a good reason (like picking up an annoying cold), three’s starting to sound a bit worrying! So happy to report that I’m feeling a bit better now (despite coughing a bit when I got in) after covering the nine mile loop (with c.2,000 ft ascent) in under 87 mins, which doesn’t feel like hanging about on that terrain.


  1. “Pete’s loop(y)”???????????


    Comment by Murdo — 22 April 2010 @ 10:32 am

  2. Nah, Pete’s loop won’t do at all when that would just lead to Pete’s loop 1, Pete’s loop 2, Pete’s loop 99 etc. As for Pete’s loopy, you’re probably right but it’s still not the obvious label for this run! ;-)

    Comment by admin — 22 April 2010 @ 5:47 pm

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