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15 August 2013

More Monadh Ruadh

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Strange how the Cairngorms have become better known over the past 200 years as ‘blue mountains’ than their older generic name of Am Monadh Ruadh (the red mountain-land) when they’re so clearly coloured by pink granite rather than hazy blue close-up, but (while something’s clearly been lost through the change) who knows… perhaps ‘Cairngorms’ was just easier for visitors? Though, despite being more likely to call them the Cairngorms myself with ‘I’m off to the Monadh Ruadh’ sadly sounding wilfully obscure today, I point-blank refuse to call Sgor an Lochain Uaine ‘The Angel’s Peak’ and now (mindful of the Victorian sanitisation that inspired that particular abomination) find myself increasingly favouring the restoration of Bod an Deamhain over The Devil’s P****!

To get to the point (not P****!), however, I found myself back in the Cairngorms/Monadh Ruadh just three days after getting home from my last visit, but this time with running rather than backpacking on the agenda for a hefty couple of days. And what a joy it was after that (still very satisfying) walking tour to get really moving with minimal gear, covering 27 miles over the hills on Tuesday and 18 yesterday morning…

So Tuesday’s circuit southwards from Braeriach and back over Carn a’ Mhaim and Ben Macdui was devised as a mopping-up exercise to get things previously missed, with Ben Macdui included specifically for my one missing Top of Sron Riach. And yesterday’s morning run up the Bynacks likewise just struck me as a tidy idea, leaving just the western end of the range from Geal-charn to Carn Cloich-mhuilinn to collect another time, with the strange ‘tick’ of Carn Ban Mor there resulting from the 2008 ML Assessment that had also brought me Sgor an Lochain Uaine, Cairn Toul and Bod an Deamhain but awkwardly left me wanting Stob Coire an t-Saighdeir (the Top south of Cairn Toul). And I’m afraid that’s about all I’ve got to say right now when just uploading the map and some photos is going to save me much further agonising over words!

2013-08-14map 2013-08-13braeriach1

2013-08-13braeriach2 2013-08-13cairntoul1

2013-08-13lochainuaine 2013-08-13carnamhaim1

2013-08-13carnamhaim2 2013-08-13benmacdui1

2013-08-13lairigghru1 2013-08-13lairigghru2

2013-08-13benmacdui2 2013-08-13carnamhaim3

2013-08-13carnamhaim4 2013-08-13coiresputandearg

2013-08-13benmacdui3 2013-08-13braeriach3

2013-08-13cairntoul2 2013-08-13coireanlochain

2013-08-14bynackmore1 2013-08-14bynackmore2

2013-08-14barnsofbynack1 2013-08-14barnsofbynack2

2013-08-14lochavon1 2013-08-14lochavon2

2013-08-14strathnethy1 2013-08-14strathnethy2

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