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5 March 2011

Messing about in boat

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Now, I know that’s (slightly) misquoting Kenneth Grahame, but there’s no doubt we’re making a mess in the boat! New forehatch went in today, but windows, pilot berth backs and acres of internal lining all came out. So Twig’s away with the windows (to make new ones) and one of the pilot berths (to study before replacing the tops) and it looks like I get to keep ripping out the linings (now planning to replace the whole lot), which at least has the beneficial side effect of removing some of the mankiest stuff instead of having to clean it! Not a pretty sight in the photos (remember the previous dehumidifier broke down, the hatch and windows leaked and things got/stayed wet), but no time for half measures when it’s worth making a real mess now to put a better boat (and there’s still a great boat here) back together in the end…

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