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31 July 2018

Main hatch

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Should have photographed this main hatch while it still had strips of soft lining and polystyrene backing hanging from it, but didn’t think of it. Stripping the old lining and glue from it would be so easy with the hatch off the boat, but it’s held captive by fitted teak rails that would be a major faff to remove and refit, so done in situ. Managed to get most of the dead liner out of the sides with a ‘tool’ I made for the job, but there are still a couple of stubborn wee strips I’d like to lose and a smidgen of glue to clean from the corners when I work out how. Think the new stuff will probably go on as a flat square and not down the sides, so just need a good key for the edges where access is tricky between hatch and surround…

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