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1 January 2017

Light streaming from the hill

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A striking moment on this first day of 2017… I’d run up past the Grey Mare’s waterfall to the marble bench, then along to the cattle grid from where I can see the big pinnacle of the Aonach Eagach where I’d scattered part of my father’s ashes to wish him a Happy New Year. And then, just as I’d started back and was coming to the point at which that pinnacle’s lost from view, the corrie and glen my side of the pinnacles were lit up by streaming rays from the low sun behind the ridge to the south. Now perhaps it was just serendipitous timing, but still enough to stop me briefly to tell him again that I loved him. And then that magic light was gone, but you can see why folk have wanted to interpret natural phenomena as ‘signs’ since time immemorial! :-)


  1. my own father passed on new years day four years ago, and on a late afternoon jog today myself, I stopped and turned to look at the setting suns rays beaming from behind some cloud, golden and magnificent, and had similar thoughts to your own.

    Comment by alan w — 1 January 2017 @ 5:06 pm

  2. Thanks for sharing Pete – if we can’t remember those we love when we are out in beautiful scenery and at exactly the right time then I don’t know when we can !

    Comment by Keith — 3 January 2017 @ 9:45 pm

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