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22 August 2017

Constructing again!

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So Twig’s been here yesterday and today, and Fly’s starting to go back together at last! Yesterday’s main job was to fit the new port bunk top, but not yet to glass it all in…

And today’s was to fit the starboard one and make a start on glassing in the port one, which you see here fully bonded on top but not yet underneath, though he did get the forward face of one of the damaged supporting mini-bulkheads (invisible here) rebuilt…

So next steps will be to finish the bonding and mini-bulkhead repairs from below, though it looks likely that I’ll be attacking the forecabin again before Twig’s back to do that. On which note, we did look again at both bow well (where the damaged wood’s now dried out enough to suggest that rebuilding from the inside may yet be possible) and water tank (where we’ve concluded that my first design fits fine even if taking my dimensions as exterior and allowing for 8–10mm polyethylene panels all round reduces its volume from 54.05 litres to a still-acceptable 46.32). So I’ve now to get the quotes for construction from the two places we know to do this kind of work and we’ll take it from there, but it’s been a happy Monday/Tuesday because (apart from 2016’s new windows and 2011’s forehatch) we’re now rebuilding for the first time since all the damage was done! :-)

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