2002 Reports

Whether it’s because some of the details of a busy season quickly started to become confused or simply because I couldn’t quite face the job, I made no attempt to write reports of everything this year, finding it simpler to copy what I could from ‘Flypaper’ and adding the account of our epic Clyde delivery trip. So a significant part of our programme is likely to stay unreported, although I did initially intend to write up the Round Mull Race and West Highland Week while I could still remember them...

Some of the events in which Fly competed but I haven’t written up were Oban Town Regatta, Lochaber Regatta (where discretion proved the better part of valour for a novice crew in fresh conditions), Round Balnagowan, the Ardgour Double and Bute Regatta Weekend. A few club races I can barely remember have also escaped the net, although perhaps I should at least mention being part of Hutch’s victorious OSC First Keelboat Aggregate crew and the lucky skipper who drew her for the Swap Helms ‘drifting match’ on a quiet night when Twig came second in Fly!

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