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This section of the site represents a fresh departure for late 2002, being (so far) an outlet for me to practise my developing interest in PHP programming in a way that offers something useful to myself and others. Further possibilities include Displacement/Length and Sail Area/Displacement calculators, but I’d be interested to hear of any more good suggestions!

Screenshot of Corrected Time Calculator
Corrected Time Calculator

CYCA to PY Handicap Converter

This page calls two simple PHP scripts to calculate PY equivalents for a range of CYCA handicaps and/or to analyse the implications of known CYCA and PY handicaps for a single boat.

Corrected Time Calculator

This script calculates any permutation of CYCA, IRC and PY corrected times for a race involving any number of boats and sorts the results by boat names, handicaps, elapsed or corrected times. At the time of writing (September 2003), it’s still pretty rough and ready, but hopefully someone apart from myself will find it interesting!

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