Ben Nevis Race, 2 September 2006

Despite hitting the best shape of my life for my American trip in July 2006 and having high hopes of sustaining this through to September and beyond, mid-August saw my worst slump in form since taking up running and my ambitious ‘sub-two’ target for the Ben Race gave way to a more pragmatic desire to salvage what I could for this year. So a new PB of 2:08:22 in excellent conditions came as more relief than disappointment in the end, although I’m not going to pretend I was happy to see clubmates Foss, Graham MacNab and Dawn come flying past on the descent and might also admit that I can’t ever remember my quads feeling quite so trashed hard-worked after a race...

These photos were taken by my brother Angus (who was up the hill with my camera) and have been resized to 800x600 with file sizes ranging from 60–120K. While they’re here to be enjoyed by all, please respect our ownership of the material by asking before using them for any purpose other than viewing and/or printing for yourself (on which note I’m certainly happy to supply appropriate 1600x1200 originals to anyone with an agreeable use in mind).

For the record, I’m wearing race number 279 and feature in images 015–017 and 053–057.

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