Short Trail Routes from Kinlochleven

This page (new, May 2016) is a by-product of putting together a map and some notes for short (part-day) training walks for our school DofE Bronze groups, but may be useful/of interest to any runners or walkers wondering where to go? It doesn’t include any longer trail or true hill routes (both outside its envisaged scope), but does cover most of what’s available off-road between about 5 km (3 miles) and 10 km (6 miles), so ranging from half-to-one-hour runs for the speedy to possibly half-day walks for the more leisurely-inclined. All distances and notes assume a start/finish point at the school gates, with the notes being quoted verbatim from what I wrote for the school and best read with that in mind...

[Maps updated December 2016 to show new tracks for Loch Eilde Mòr hydro scheme, and again February 2019 since they’ve mostly been covered over again.]

Trail Map OS Trail Map OS

Training Walks Map

Notes: Main Pipeline to Penstock

Notes: Coloured Trails

Notes: Ciaran Path and Loch Eilde Mòr Pipeline

Some possible routes (NB you can mix and match anything from the map!)

Note: the old Temporary Factory is an interesting site to visit but simply not appropriate to a Bronze training walk. For those who must know, the safest route is to take the Ciaran Path to the chimney stack opposite and cross the River Leven direct to the site, which is not difficult when the river’s low but should only be attempted in such conditions.

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