Petestack Art and ‘Xart’ Gallery

Sorry if the download time for this page is creeping up, but I’m thinking of sticking the animations on a separate page sometime to speed things up a bit. Click on the pictures for larger versions (file sizes given) or links to other pages where relevant. Hope you like what you see, but please remember that it’s all my own copyright work!

Note (28 August 2006)

Have sadly closed the gallery today for the foreseeable future because of constant hotlinking theft of my images to form backgrounds etc. for other sites. So, yes, I could have implemented .htaccess protection to prevent that, but what guarantee that folk wouldn’t just steal the images anyway and upload them to sites where I could no longer track them through my web stats? My apologies to those who enjoyed this page as it was intended to be enjoyed, but I’m afraid this is something I feel strongly about, closure is the only failsafe method of dealing with the problem and I’m currently more likely to remove this page from my top menu than restore these images.

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